Wreath making

It’s not secret that I love to diy. It’s so cool to make something of your own that’s totally original and show it off. I’ve become obsessed with the ornament wreaths popping up all over the place, even though it’s well past December.


Here’s the first one I made without the bulbs being on sale. It cost me around $45, which is still better than how you can buy them. But then I got smart and got some on clearance at Target…


I got about $200 worth of ornaments for under $20. Clearance pays here people!

Here’s how I made the second one:


I bought a flat wreath blank at Michaels for about $6 and started glueing so that they meshed with little to no background noticeable.


I glued all the way around, until there was only room for 1 and a half bulbs. I was stumped but not for long!!


I glued 4 of the ornaments that came with the bulbs on top of each other to cover the wreath completely. I then added small bulbs around the outside to really make it pop!

I made this for under $20, which is a fraction for what you could buy (or sell) it for. Happy crafting!!!!


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