Canvas DIY

If you’re like me (aka a total Pinterest junkie), you’ve seen the canvas with buttons on it in shape of a letter. I have a small sign I plan on doing that with. However, I wanted to do something different with a canvas I painted. I’ve been at a loss of what exactly to do. But then, one of my friends sent me an adorable picture of her daughter crafting. She had turned her back, and her daughter took the time to (cutely) cover herself in paint. This reminded me that crafting is supposed to be fun, not stressful. And what’s better than doing a craft that easy enough you can do with your child, but cute enough you can hang in your room to show off?

You will need:

(It’s my party, and I’ll drink wine when I craft if I want to)


-painted canvas
-sequin trim
-hot glue gun

I found my trim at Hobby Lobby on sale. I am attracted to anything shiny (or glittery, obviously), so I had to pick it up. I cannot sew, but I knew I’d figure out a use for this.

Take your glue gun, and start writing your chosen letter. Only do a little at a time so the glue doesn’t dry. Push the trim down into the glue as well, so it doesn’t end up peeling off. Keep going until your letter is finished!



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