Quick Necklace DIY

So tonight I actually got dinner done, worked out, and got my lunch together for tomorrow in time to craft a little. I know. I was just as shocked as you are.

Sometimes I look through my DIY stash (or hoard, whatever you wanna call it) and get overwhelmed with what to do. I love stocking up with cool things from Michael’s when they do their big sales. Case in point, I found 4 flat (ish) charms with different words on them. They had holes on either side to make into bracelets but the damn things won’t lay right that way. So I got inspired to make one into a necklace with this cute key I’ve been holding onto. Did I mention I like keys? Anyway, this is what you’ll need:


-jump rings

First, take your chain and figure out what length you’d like your necklace to be. Cut the chain. Then attach your key with a jump ring at the end of your necklace.


Then, a few inches above your key, decide the placement of your charm. Mine said “Love.” I know, totally adorable. Anyway, add the jump rings and attach it to the chain.


Then, add your clasp and another jump ring for it to…clasp on to. You’re done!


Another New Year’s resolution I had was to create 100 DIY projects in 2014. This will be #8. Eventually I’ll make a post with everything I have so far, so watch out for that!


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