Change is coming

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately (and by that, I mean staying in on weekends, drinking wine, and stalking some of my favorite bloggers), and I think that I’ve been lying to you guys a little bit with this blog. So, first, I apologize for lying. I hate liars. I wish their pants actually caught on fire so you’d know. I also hate liars because my job requires me to get lied to for 40 hours a week (with some occasional hilarity), so in my personal life, I prefer honesty and fun.

Anyway, I’ve decided that this blog needs to be less about sunshine and rainbows and more about what my day to day life is actually about. I’m not going to abandon my craft posts (I have 4 in my back pocket, don’t you fret), my coupon posts, or my make up posts, because I am still a typical female in that sense. But I think it’s time to get a little more real about where I’m at in life so that I can cringe about it down the line. I’m 24 years old, weird as shit, and have a lot of feelings (like that girl in Mean Girls, but less romantic and more cynical). I have a penchant for the “f word,” which drives my mother crazy and means I will never marry a classy, upper class (aka rich), gentleman. I am drawn to people who have issues and also enjoy a good sentence (aka curse word) enhancer. I don’t know if I ever want to get married, which is a big anomaly where I live, but I do want children (my best friends know that I plan to adopt an Asian baby and name her Sunny if I actually don’t get married). I am offensive and often shocked by what comes out of my mouth, just like the people I speak to. Mayonnaise, scrapple/sausage, sandpaper, and clowns freak me the hell out. My anxiety is chronic (I will not fly again until they tell me what happened to that Malaysian plane), but also ridiculous (just ask my Mom. She’s been on the receiving end of my weird freak outs). I read Post Secret every Sunday even though it makes me cry. I have high fashion taste on a McDonalds budget (now I’m hungry). I’m trying to figure myself out just like the rest of the world. 

So, here’s my apology, you wonderful (but few) people who read this blog. I will no longer act like I have my shit together. Because I don’t. And I hope that we can somehow bond over that truth. 

something a little different

So, I know that I usually blog about crafts, make up, and couponing (good Lord, could I be more of a girl?!), but lately I’ve been thinking about something that I need to discuss, even if it’s just to “myself” (or the, like, 6 people who read this. Love you guys). That’s right y’all, I’m going to discuss something I usually avoid like the plague: my feelings.

This thought all started about a week ago. My grandmother has been recovering from surgery, and my mom and I went to visit her at the OT facility. As we walked in the hallway, I was struck by something I usually never consider: people’s lives are going on around me. Shallow? Maybe. But I’ve always had a hard time considering where I’ll be when I’m 40 (married? cat lady? 8 children? living in Switzerland?), let alone when I’m 80 years old.  As we walked along, I realized that many of these people don’t have anyone left in their lives except the hospital staff that work there. Where are their loved ones? Had they ever been married? Did they miss those times?

Then the thought kind of developed. My grandfather died when I was 9. I adored him and still think about him all the time. That was 15 (!!) years ago, and my grandmother struggles to recall memories without getting choked up. She supported him throughout the (very quick) struggle with cancer, and is still the most wonderful grandmother I could have asked for. But now, she has to lean on us for support (although I know Papa’s up there watching us everyday. I can feel him with me all the time), which I’m sure when she was my age, she never imagined she’d have to do.

Struck with this, I tried to put myself in her shoes. Trying to imagine myself at 80 was difficult. What memories would I have? I’d sure like being in love with someone to be included in those memories. But this was proof that life ain’t always pretty, folks. There’s a lot of ugly. What did I want in a significant other that would support me through death, illness, being broke, bad times, etc.?

This thought has been plaguing me ever since. And today, I read a quote in Glamour (I know, shut up) about the Boston Marathon Bombing and two people that have loved each other through their trials enough to get married. Right after the bombing, she said to her then-boyfriend: “I want to do this with you, but I understand if you can’t do it.” Whoa. Talk about loving someone unselfishly. Talk about trusting someone with the absolute completeness of your soul. Do I have that in me? I’m not sure. But here’s what I do know.

Relationships are awesome, but they’re also work. Life is beautiful, but it can be ugly too. Forever means working through death, illness, babies, jobs, family, friendships, happiness, sadness, what have you. You have to find someone that loves you when you’re a pain in the ass and when you’re dressed to the 9s (channeling your “inner ‘yonce” if you will). You have to find someone who will tell you when you’re being ugly, when you’re doing something they’re proud of, and when you’re being a bitch. Sexual attraction isn’t everything, because that fades. You have to find someone who loves you when you’re 24 and when you’re 84. Relationships are so much more than who you are right now. I know it may seem like I’m selfish, or a brat, or what have you, but it’s taken me a long time to realize that. I’m not the same as I was at 16, 18, or even 21; I’m sure as hell not going to be the same when I’m 30. At this point in my life, finding love has to mean finding someone who’s okay with all that.

Daunting, but doable. 

Ipsy Bag March 2014

Another month, another Ipsy bag! This one was all about “jet setting,” and hopefully getting you to a warmer state of mind. I needed that considering there are 10 inches of snow on the ground right now! PS: How cute is the bag that everything came in?!



Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready by bareMinerals ($18 full sized)- I am already madly in love with bareMinerals. Their powders do wonders for my skin, and I use them daily. This lipstick was the perfect color and went out smooth. I have a pretty large collection of lipsticks, but I think this is going to become a staple.

Love in Rio Eye Shadow by NYX in Cabana Boy ($6.00)- I love this palette. It reminded me of summer, when I will be tan and can wear this color all the time. The eye shadow went on smooth and was fun for a bit of a different type of “smokey” eye. Love the price tag, too!

Indigo Blue Eye Liner by Chella ($24)- This is easily the best eyeliner I have every used. The tip is very fine, which allows for super clean lines. I am horrible about being able to get the liner even on both eyes, but this allowed for evenness on both. Even with the high price tag, I may break down and get the product in black. However, I love that this product basically paid for the bag itself. 

Flawless Beauty Primer by Pixi Beauty ($22 full size; the size given is worth $9)- I love Pixi. I discovered it from a beauty bag I got from Target a few years ago. However, their products can be a bit out of my price range. That being said, I was very excited to find this product in my bag. I already use a primer from Victoria’s Secret, but I figured I’d give this one a go. Sadly, I don’t like it. It’s very glittery interestingly enough, and I didn’t notice a difference in how long my makeup lasted. I may try it again when it gets a bit warmer, and layer some powder over top of it.

So there you have it, folks. Have I convinced you to try Ipsy yet?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Ah St. Patrick’s Day. In college, it meant green beer, skimpy green tops (preferably cut with your college name on it), day drinking, getting pinched, and maybe even some green vomit in there somewhere. The good ole days.

Now it means green nails, working (it’s a Monday), and absolutely NO pinching (if I get pinched, shit is getting real). Although I am going to Opening Weekend in Dewey, so I can’t complain. It also means craft (as does my life), so I whipped this up tonight:



A cute centerpiece that only took a second, but my mom had been asking me to make for weeks. Whoops. Add it to the list of DIYs. I think this is #11 🙂

So what are your St. Patty’s plans?

DIY recipe box

I should not be allowed to buy certain things. It’s a pretty long list, but at the top is an expensive planner. This Lilly planner was $35, which I lost interest in pretty quickly. However, my mom has been in the need of a recipe box, which gave me this idea. Why not modge podge?

You will need:


Pick the pages that strike your fancy. Cut them to size and modge podge them to the box. Use sealer to finish. This is how mine turned out:





This is #10 on the DIY list. Happy crafting!

Julep Box

My Julep box has finally come for this month!! Julep is a monthly box that costs $19.99 a month. You can choose your box from different styles they provide (which you can choose based on a style quiz or whatever strikes your fancy!). The polishes themselves are pretty expensive (around $12 or so a piece), so it’s worth the 3 polishes you get. You can also choose boxes that cost a little more with extra polishes/make up/ tools, which is what I did this month!


I went for the $25 box which gives you all these pretty polishes. They also ran a special this month for polishes going out of season that you could get at a discount.


I am OBSESSED with the red, white, and blue sparkle one. It makes me so excited for July!

I am very happy with the gorgeous colors I got this month. I’ve been opting out of the boxes lately because nothing has struck my fancy. The one thing I will tell anyone considering Julep is that you go on the website the 20th of each month to check out your options. If you don’t pick a new style or opt out of that month, they automatically send you a box. Otherwise, I have no complaints about Julep; except I need more nail polish like a hole in my head!

Now which ones to pick…..