Julep Box

My Julep box has finally come for this month!! Julep is a monthly box that costs $19.99 a month. You can choose your box from different styles they provide (which you can choose based on a style quiz or whatever strikes your fancy!). The polishes themselves are pretty expensive (around $12 or so a piece), so it’s worth the 3 polishes you get. You can also choose boxes that cost a little more with extra polishes/make up/ tools, which is what I did this month!


I went for the $25 box which gives you all these pretty polishes. They also ran a special this month for polishes going out of season that you could get at a discount.


I am OBSESSED with the red, white, and blue sparkle one. It makes me so excited for July!

I am very happy with the gorgeous colors I got this month. I’ve been opting out of the boxes lately because nothing has struck my fancy. The one thing I will tell anyone considering Julep is that you go on the website the 20th of each month to check out your options. If you don’t pick a new style or opt out of that month, they automatically send you a box. Otherwise, I have no complaints about Julep; except I need more nail polish like a hole in my head!

Now which ones to pick…..


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