Easter Wreath DIY

If you’ve read any of my posts (or know me in any way), you know I love wreaths and I love making wreaths. However, since it’s almost April and not almost Christmas, I decided to branch out from my typical bulb wreaths. Hence the Easter wreath that follows:


For this bad boy, you’ll need:

– a wreath blank (flat, wooden one)

– Easter grass

– hot glue gun

– plastic eggs


If you’re anything like my family, you have an obscene amount of plastic eggs laying around. Full disclosure: I am 24, my brother is 20, and we forced our parents to do an Easter egg hunt last year. I’d do them until I have children, but as I was making this wreath, my mother came in and said “I’m assuming you and your brother are finally old enough we no longer have to do an Easter egg hunt this year.” She said it with such disdain that I took a sip of my wine, swallowed my emotions, and agreed. God, growing up sucks.

Anyway, start by going in sections and adding hot glue to the blank, then pushing grass on top. As they told us in the academy, accept the fact that it’s going to hurt (except in that way they meant getting stabbed/killed, and in this way I mean, you’re going to utter an obscenity or seven as you burn yourself with the glue gun. Suck it up. Mama didn’t raise no sissy.), and move on. Once your grass is placed on the blank, lightly pull on the pieces that are not secured. Then, add a second layer until you’re satisfied with the coverage.

Next, start glueing (gluing?) your eggs. Do it however you’d like: one color, six colors, all the way around, one side, add bunnies, whatever. Make it yours until you’re happy with how it looks.

This is wreath #1. Wreath #2 is already hanging up on the double doors. My mother explained to me that if they go on the doors, there have to be two so it’s even.

None of you are ever allowed to ask where I got my weird OCD from. Happy #12 DIY!


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