Mother’s Day

I have an penchant for women who are funny and awesome and beautiful and strong. I love them even more if they are in the same field as me. Cause it’s a man’s world, babe, and we gotta stick together. 


My mother fits the bill to a T. She is undoubtedly the reason I have started this career in law enforcement. She’s the reason I love the criminal justice system, even with all of its faults. She is the reason for the woman I am today. 

Let me start off by saying I am not one of the women of the world who has always envisioned her wedding. Although I now have a Pinterest board full of these ideas (come on, there’s some cute shit on there. You can follow me at, I have always been way more into my career than deciding what I want my wedding colors to be. If you have always been one of those people, power to ya! You will have your shit together when you get married. I will be picking place holders and drinking heavily. 

However, I am now in that awkward stage where I have friends and acquaintances (mostly the latter) who are, and I’m not kidding, SPRINTING down the aisle. I may have my shit together in (most) other areas, but not in the marriage area. The thought of devoting my life to someone other than my dog or family right now scares the shit out of me. I bought a romper the other day and kept the tags on it because I’m not sure I’m ready to commit, for goodness sake. My 20 year old brother (who is in a 4 year long, awesome relationship with a girl I like a lot) is probably going to get married before me. And that’s okay. But sometimes, I get a little panicky. Am I behind? Am I going to be a spinster with 2 labradors? Will I actually have to adopt that Asian baby I talk about all the time?! 

So Tuesday night, I curled up with my mom and had the following exchange:

“Mom, do you think I’m ever going to get married?”

**Heavy sigh**

“Come on, I’m serious! It seems like so many people are getting married. It can make a girl a little panicky.”

“Honey, of course I think you’ll get married. Multiple times.”


Happy pre-Mother’s Day Mom. I love you, too.


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Mom responses are the best. And people get weird about wedding colors – I had no idea that was a thing until the wedding sprinting started around me. Just rock the romper down the future aisle, and you’ll be golden.

    • That’s a fabulous idea. By the time I get married, rompers will probably be out of style again. So I’ll get to have a “throwback Thursday” wedding. The possibilities are literally endless.

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