Ipsy Bag June 2014

It’s that time again! I received my Ipsy bag in the mail yesterday, and this month’s theme is “Pretty in Paradise.” If you subscribed to Ipsy, they will send you 4-5 full or trial sized samples of products for you to try. It’s only $10 a month. I have yet to be disappointed in a bag!


1. Lash Out Mascara by Be a Bombshell in Intense Black ($15)- This product paid for the bag itself, which I always love. I didn’t notice a big difference in the size and length of my lashes, but it went on well and was lightweight. Quite a few people online stated it smelled like pickles, but I didn’t notice that when I put it on. I’ll try this a few more times before I give it a verdict.

2. Dream Waves Beach Spray by Marc Anthony ($8.79 full sized)- I tried this last night after my shower, and I am OBSESSED. This product smells wonderful and gave a ton of texture to my hair. My hair is wavy and there’s a whole lot of it, so it sometimes doesn’t take to products that well. This product didn’t weigh my hair down or make it greasy. What’s even better? You can buy it at Walgreens!

3. Butter Gloss by NYX in Creme Brûlée ($5.00)- I love NYX because it doesn’t cost a fortune, but the products work well. These gloss went on very smooth and wasn’t overly sticky. It also stays put. After I tried it, I went outside, and the sweat didn’t make it run. I am very pleased with this product.

4. Universal Eyebrow Pencil by OFRA ($13)- Confession: I do not own an eyebrow pencil. I do not know how to use an eyebrow pencil. I had to look it up on Pinterest! I regularly have pretty thick eyebrows, but there are some places that could use some fill. I used this and my eyebrows did look much more “together.” However, I’m not used to how it looks, so I was kind of shocked! I plan on contacting one of my beauty guru friends to see if she can help me master this. Overall, I am excited to have my first eyebrow pencil!

5. for Her by Realtree ($24.99 or $19.99 for Ipsy subscribers, full sized)- I don’t like fragrances. I am very particular with the kind of scents I wear, because a lot of them give me a headache. I like perfume that almost smells like cologne (Adidas Sport for Women is my go to) or not overly florally. This was too overpowering for me. The smell isn’t bad and the packaging was cute, but it’s bound to give me a headache quick!


Another month, another Ipsy bag. I’m rarely disappointed, and this is no different!


3 thoughts on “Ipsy Bag June 2014

  1. I wish I had gotten the eyebrow pencil. I have a new obsession with my eyebrows. I received liquid eyeliner by Jesse’s Girl in black. I looove liquid eyeliner; but this stuff was a mess, and made a mess. It will be the first bad review i will give for something I’ve received from Ipsy. I also got a perfume. Forever Paris by Essence of Beauty. I am also very picky about my perfume, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not at all overpowering like I thought it would be.

    • I hope I can figure out how to make the eyebrow pencil look natural. It’s pretty cool. I got a really cool blue liquid eye liner a few months ago that I loved but I had the same problem. Nothing would make it stick and it bled everywhere. Don’t let it taint your view on Jesse’s Girl though, their products are usually really awesome. I’m glad you liked your perfume! I’m hoping to be contacted by someone to trade that for the charcoal mask some people got.

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