You guys, I f*cking love Target.

I know this will shock the shit out of most of you, but I love Target. It’s the shit. And my favorite thing. One of the best things about Target is that you can make purchases in which you receive a $5 gift card for next time. I’ve been stockpiling mine for a big (selfish) purchase. I had a $25 gift card from Christmas (that my dog was so sweet to give me); coupled with my Target gift cards, I had $50 in gift cards to spend.

2014-07-14 21.34.57

I bought:

-cotton balls (on sale, had a coupon)
-Starbucks refreshers (damn near impossible to find a coupon for)
-Skinnygirl snack bars (also difficult to find a coupon for. Expensive, but freaking delicious)
-Pants that came from the Junior’s section, but they’re awesome so I don’t care.
-Honey Maid Peanut Butter and Chocolate bars (had a coupon…that came in a Kohl’s purchase)

This purchase retailed for about $40, but didn’t cost me anything. And I mean, how awesome is that?!


3 thoughts on “You guys, I f*cking love Target.

  1. Pretty sure you should teach a class on how to properly do Target right. I just returned home from a Tarjay trip where I used a gift card and felt pretty accomplished about it, but now I feel like I have more to learn. And those pants are tres cute!

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