DIY Jean Short Revamp

If you’re anything like me, you’re addicted to Pinterest. If you’re also anything like me, you see those cute DIY shorts and tell yourself you’re going to that this summer. And then you don’t. Whoops.

I actually attempted this on an old pair of jeans last summer to DIY for July 4th. It was an epic fail. However, with how gross and cloudy this weekend has been, I decided I wanted to try again. I remembered a pair of jean shorts I had bought in 2011 for a Ke$ha concert. Yep. A Ke$ha concert.

Here they are in 2011. We were very committed to embracing the Ke$ha experience.

They are already glittery and fabulous, but I wanted a boost. Plus, if they were another epic fail, no love lost, right?

If you want to attempt this DIY, you will need:
– jean shorts
– sequin trim/lace trim/any cool trim you like/fabric
– studs
– fabric glue (I used liquid stitch)
– craft pliers
– scissors
(Sorry in advanced, I did not take pictures of the process as it went. I didn’t have much faith at the time, silly me).

Cut your material to the length you are using. Put the fabric glue wherever you want to place the trim/fabric/etc. Squish said materials on the fabric glue. Have faith that it will dry and hold, ’cause it will. Let dry. Drink some wine, do another project, nap, whatever. Now, figure out where you want your studs. I placed mine along the pockets so that they wouldn’t poke me when I wore them. Poke your studs through the fabric where you want them. I did two at a time and placed them a studs-width apart. Next, use your craft pliers to bend the ends of the studs so that they will grip on your clothes. You can also add a touch of fabric glue for extra security. Let dry.

Now put em on and work it girl! You are crafty and you deserve it.

2014-07-20 16.24.06

2014-07-20 16.23.47

2014-07-20 16.23.54

I also crafted a few other things this weekend:

2014-07-17 13.02.23

2014-07-17 13.02.46

2014-07-19 19.29.20

If you’d like to learn how to make the necklace and ring, click here :


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