Ipsy Bag September 2014


I loved the little bag the make up came in this month. I love studs and would put them on everything at risk of being tacky. I was very excited for the bag, and here’s a list of what’s in it:

– Alterna Haircare CC Cream ($25 full sized)- This is a pretty cool concept; a “CC” cream for your hair. They’re literally everywhere for your complexion so why not try it for hair? This smell of this is really strong, so I’m waiting to use this. I want to make sure I can wash it out if it gives me a headache.

-Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush by Crown Brush – I can’t find the price of this brush online. However, it’s really nice and soft. I’m excited to put it to use.

-Hot Singles Eye Shadow by NYX in Addiction ($4.50 full sized)- I love NYX. I have said it a million times, and I’ll say it again! Their products are high quality for a cheap price. I liked this color, except that it’s a little darker than what I normally wear. It will be nice to try during the winter months.

-Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil by Pacifica in Gun Metal ($11 full sized)- I really like the color of this eye pencil. It goes on smooth and is long lasting. I just wish there was a little less glitter in the color, and it seems to spread over time. It is a pretty color.

-Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct by Cailyn ($19 full sized)- This is a full sized product, so it definitely paid for itself. However, the color is not at all flattering on me. It’s also rather sticky. I will not be using this product in my beauty regime.

How was your Ipsy experience this month?


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