Ipsy and Love With Food, March 2015

I actually made time to write this blog post today! I don’t go in until 2 today, and there was no way I was going to go to the gym with the way I’ve been feeling; it’s like I have a cold that won’t figure out what the hell it wants to be, except to suck the life out of me. I also have limited myself to 1 hour of social media a day (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for Lent, so it’s amazing how much extra time I have!


  1. Mini Lip Gloss by Cargo Cosmetics in Anguilla ($10) – I enjoyed the color of this gloss, and it goes on well. It’s not too sticky either.
  2. Up All Night Volumizing Spray by Eva NYC ($24 full price)- This product smells amazing. I love that it protects against heat while giving volume, and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down and greasy.
  3. Large Angled Face Brush 504 by Luxie Beauty ($16, price cut to $8)- This brush is so soft and is also vegan friendly, something I really appreciate in a beauty product. This will be going into rotation for blush and bronzer application.
  4. Blush Cheek Powder by ModelCo in Peach Bellini ($22)- I just about fell off my bed when I noticed that this blush is $22. Does it give me Tyra Banks’ cheekbones?
  5. Natural Eye Liner Pencil by “Pencil Me In” in Amethyst ($6.99)- I love this color. It will especially pop with my brown eyes. However, the reviewers on Ipsy say that it doesn’t go on very smoothly and can take some swipes for a clean application.


The theme for this box is appropriately…Mardi Gras!!

  • Lemon Wafer Bites by Dolcetto
  • Traditional Hot Chocolate by Monbana (Vegan)
  • Olive Oil Potato Chips by Boulder Canyon (Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan)
  • Baked Mac N’ Cheese Puffs by Snikiddy (Non-GMO, Gluten Free)
  • Milk Chocolate Mini Pieces by Divine Chocolate
  • Original Creole Seasoning by Tony Chachere’s (Vegan)
  • Protein Almond Honey Bar by Rise Bar (Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 3 ingredients only!)

If you’re interested in trying Love with Food, click the link below:


Ipsy and Love With Food December 2014

Can you believe that 2015 (and Christmas!) are only a few weeks away? Me either. Here I am, back from a 2 month hiatus (my bad), to review food and beauty products.


1. AHA 3% Facial Cleanser by Beauty Without Cruelty ($11.95 full sized)- I love the smell of this, and I love even more that it’s cruelty free and organic. I would buy all organic beauty products if they were more affordable. Some people posted that it was drying, but I haven’t noticed any difference. I use my Burts Bees moisturizer this time of year regardless. It does run a higher risk of sunburn, so I only use this product at night.

2. Boost Repair Treatment by Coolway ($29.95 full sized)- My hair is very oily and has gotten worse here lately (anyone have tips on how to fix that?), so I don’t use hair masks much. I’m sure it helps dry and damaged hair. It smells good too.

3. Butter Lip Balm by NYX Cosmetics in Marshmallow ($4.00)- I love NYX. LOVE it. I was disappointed at first when I saw the color of this balm in my bag. However, I was in for a surprise. The color and feel is wonderful, and the color allows for me to wear it to work or out at night. This is easily a staple for me.

4. Fairy Dust by Pixi by Petra ($10)- This product was full sized, but I had no idea what it was until going on Ipsy. Apparently this is used to make shadow pop, but the applicator sucks and does nothing but make a mess. I haven’t tried it yet to get a full report, but it seems like a frivolous beauty product.

5. deluxe lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara by tart ($20 full sized)- Let’s just have a moment of silence for how freaking awesome this product is. Oh. My. God. My lashes looked fake they were so long! I am so pleased with this product and it will make it’s way into my shopping cart!


The coconut candies, kettle corn, and cookie chips were the best part of my box this month. Want to sign up and receive gluten free, non-GMO, organic snacks every month PLUS donate a meal to a hungry child? Click below:


Love With Food Box October 2014

This month’s theme was Monster Mash, which was all things related to fall and Halloween- my favorite time of year!


Organic Jelly Beans by Surf Sweets- Non-GMO, Gluten free, and Organic

Honey Almond Nut Butter and Chocolate Almond Butter by Justin’s- Gluten free and Organic. I really wanted to try a good almond butter, so I’m excited for this find.

Cinnamon and Sugar Bananinha Banana Bar by Nutryvitta- Non-GMO and Organic. Promises to be better than candy

Organic Original Falafel Chips by Flamous- Gluten free, Organic, and Non-GMO. Promises to ward off Dracula 🙂

Buttery Shortbread Squares by Clairesquares

Original Cheese Straws by J & M. I love you, Love With Food, but these were just gross.

Snapea Crisps by Calbee- Non-GMO. If y’all haven’t had these, RUN to the grocery store. Try all flavors, but mostly the Wasabi Ranch ones. They. Are. Amazing.

Love With Food Box August 2014

Hey y’all. I had a super shitty Tuesday, so it was nice to come home to goodies from the mailman. It’s even better when it’s food! Love With Food is such a great company. For $10 a month, you get 5+ samples of yummy food delivered to your mailbox. The company will also donate a meal to a hungry child.

This month’s theme was Fun at the County Fair, which ties in so well with summer. I am already obsessed with this box. I can’t wait to try everything.


1. Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning Potato Chips by Covered Bridge- I love steak and I love potatoes. I can’t wait to eat these.
2. Pineapple + Coconut Fruit Ice by Smooze!- Who doesn’t love popsicles? I also love the fact that I can pronoun and have heard of everything in this product.
3. Cinnamon Grahams by Skeeter Nut Free- These remind me of Teddy Grahams shaped like squirrels. They’re also made out of whole wheat flour, which is great to see.
4. Salty Peanut Salt Water Taffy by Salty Road- I love salted caramel anything, so I’m sold right away.
5. Lollipops by Yumearth- I’m eating one of these as I type! They are organic, gluten-free, and vegan, all of which is “in” right now. But they’re so delish, it doesn’t matter.
6. Crispy Cheddar by Back to Nature- The description next to these is “just like the crackers you loved as a kid, but without all the junk.” I love Cheez-Its, so if these are free of preservatives, count me in!
7. Kettle Sweet Peanuts by Love With Food- Sweet, salty, and nutty; yum!
8. Nutty Rice Bites with Blueberries by 180 Snacks- The package is so appealing, I can’t wait to dive in.

I am so pumped for this month’s box. Have I convinced you to try Love With Food? Click here: http://lovewithfood.com/invite?m=r&ref=ADJ

July 2014 Love with Food Box

2014-06-12 16.36.42

This month’s theme for the Love with Food Box is “Take me Out to the Ball Game.” These may be my favorite box so far. If you’re not familiar with this box, for $10 a month, you get multiple goodies to try, and every box results in a meal being bought for a hungry child.

-Pineapple, Raspberry, and Mago Fruit Snacks by YamEarth Organics- One of my coworkers asked me whose child I stole that from. These were good, but stuck to my teeth like their life depended on it. I may stick with the processed junk.
-Gum Balls by Tree Huggers Gum- Non-GMO gum? Hey, I’ll try anything that’s healthy.
-Cheddar Baked Fries by Snikiddy- These seemed so yummy and crunchy! I’m looking forward to keeping these in my lunchbox.
-Snap Back Cookies by The Cookie Department- Oh. My. God. Religious Experience. I ended up getting the “Detox” cookie, which is made of ginger and cayenne, among other things. It’s supposed to help with hangovers (ha!). I plan to buy a mix of these. Yum.
-Chicago Mix by GM Cretors- This was a mix of caramel and cheese popcorn, which I was surprised to really enjoy. It was salty and sweet, the perfect snack.
-Montgomery Cherries by Stoneridge Orchards- These dried cherries were sweet, tangy, chewy, and soft. I really enjoyed finding them in my box.
-Good for You Granola, Almond Butter, and Jelly Sandwich by Jolly Oak- As stated previously, I love finding packets of loose granola to take to work with my yogurt. This mix is no different.
-Chocolate Cookies by Dulcetto- This 100-calorie snack is a perfect chocolate fix. These cookies are little and creamy.

This is definitely my favorite box so far. Have I convinced you to give it a try? Click here: http://lovewithfood.com/invite?m=r&ref=ADJ