Ipsy bag July 2014, “Sensationally Sunkissed”

Another month, another Ipsy bag! You guys know the drill. $10 a month and you get some sweet samples, plus a really cool bag to store your own make up essentials in!

2014-07-18 12.27.56

1. bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB eye shadow cream in Barely Nude ($18 full size)- Y’all know I love bareMinerals. I already use their powder on a daily basis. I wasn’t sure about this product, because I haven’t used cream eyeshadow in a long time, and the color didn’t thrill me in the bottle. Boy, I was wrong. It goes on smooth, has major staying power, and the color created a classic smoky effect. This is going into my beauty routine.
2. Clear Clinical Laboratories Spot Remover ($35 full size)- I love that this spot treatment comes with its own applicator for no mess application. It’s also clear, so it can easily be put on under make up. I actually have two zits I’m trying to get rid of currently, so I’m hopeful this will speed up the process!
3. Elizabeth Mott Tint and Sass ($22.99 full size)- I’m not a big fan of liquid lip/cheek tint, and this is no different. It’s quite sticky, even after it dries. I will not be using this product.
4. Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil ($11.99 full size)- I love tanning oil. Save me the speech. I know skin cancer is awful, and melanoma is the leading cancer among 20-something females. I totally get it. That being said, I love tanning oil. I am very excited to use this on a day when it’s not overcast (like it is today!).
5. Nailtini in Mangorita ($13 full size)- I had high hopes for this product. I loved the color in the bottle and on my nails. It’s cool when you get a product from Ipsy that you would never pick for yourself. However, immediately after putting it on, it started to chip. And today, the polish on two of my nails pulled off in chunks. I will not even consider this product. What’s worse is the price; Essie and OPI don’t even cost that much!

Does anyone else out there subscribe to Ipsy? If anyone is interested in trying the Tint and Sass or the Nailtini, I am more than willing to trade. 🙂 Just leave a comment in the box!


Julep Box

My Julep box has finally come for this month!! Julep is a monthly box that costs $19.99 a month. You can choose your box from different styles they provide (which you can choose based on a style quiz or whatever strikes your fancy!). The polishes themselves are pretty expensive (around $12 or so a piece), so it’s worth the 3 polishes you get. You can also choose boxes that cost a little more with extra polishes/make up/ tools, which is what I did this month!


I went for the $25 box which gives you all these pretty polishes. They also ran a special this month for polishes going out of season that you could get at a discount.


I am OBSESSED with the red, white, and blue sparkle one. It makes me so excited for July!

I am very happy with the gorgeous colors I got this month. I’ve been opting out of the boxes lately because nothing has struck my fancy. The one thing I will tell anyone considering Julep is that you go on the website the 20th of each month to check out your options. If you don’t pick a new style or opt out of that month, they automatically send you a box. Otherwise, I have no complaints about Julep; except I need more nail polish like a hole in my head!

Now which ones to pick…..